Sprinkling LA vintage over the bright lights of London.


Oversized, cosy tees and worn in, super soft slogan sweatshirts evoke ‘90s young Hollywood and summer nights spent on the beach with your best friend.

London Loves LA is...

Inspired by the Hollywood Hills, teenage runaways, best friends, Heathers, Coachella, stickers, Clueless, Tender Is The Night, Chateau Marmont, high school, palm trees, The Peach Pit, feathers, old Hollywood, bikers, photos, scrapbooks, first loves, music, stickers and grunge.

From tie dye to stonewash denim to much loved worn tees, LOLA is all about friendship, love, and sisterhood. We place as much importance on the journey of the clothes as the products themselves. Our journey is a nostalgic road trip wrapped up in teenage excitement and best friendship.

So from the palm trees with love, here are our treasures we share with you.